UK Study: Some parents do have favorites

34% moms, 28% of dads have a "favorite" child


According to a new British study, 34% of moms and 28% of dads admit to having a favorite child.

The survey also revealed that 54% of parents lie about or exaggerate their weekend plans when speaking with friends, presumably to sound more impressive. Moms lie most about family life, while more dads lie about their child's grades and achievements.

The study was conducted by the British parenting group, Parentdish, and surveyed more than 2,000 parents.

Among the study's other findings:

1. 63% of moms go back to work for financial reasons; 10% return to work because they want to develop their career;

2. 61% of dads say they do their fair share of parenting, while 54% of moms agree;

3. Parents miss extra cash and sleeping in most after having kids.

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