Young Mariachi singer slammed over Game 3 National Anthem

Racist Tweets targeted at Sebastien de la Cruz, 10


SAN ANTONIO – Sebastien de la Cruz, 10, the boy who sang the National Anthem at Tuesday night's NBA Finals Game 3, is himself taking some heat from people apparently angry that a Mexican-American was asked to sing the song.

De la Cruz, who was born and raised in San Antonio and appeared last year on the TV show "America's Got Talent" as a Mariachi singer, has been targeted by people on social media sites, many of whom have used racial epithets and slurs.

One user wrote, "Bet u that little beaner hopped the border just to sing the national anthem."

Another user wrote, "Whys is a foreigner singing the national anthem. I realize it's in San Antonio, but that still ain't Mexico."

The Tumblr page Public Shaming has itself dedicated a page to collecting the Tweets -- and exposing the Twitter users who published them.

KSAT is reaching to reps for de la Cruz, but as of Wednesday at noon, no statement has been made.

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