Bullying concerns from a mother


By: Beth Bernstein

As a mom, bullying concerns and worries me.

It is an issue that I truly take to heart. 

Although I understand that it is an unfortunate reality of childhood, we need to give our children the tools not just to cope with bullying, but to empower them.

I realize that bullying comes in many different forms. There is the traditional face to face bullying that happens on the playground or lunchroom and also employing the power of technology. The use of the Internet fosters creativity, but can also serve as an outlet for bullying. The speed and manner in which we communicate can be used for both good and bad.  It can create a lightning strike of bullying on an unsuspecting individual. The speed in which messages are shared by a group or community can be overwhelming if the purpose is a negative one. The Internet can also serve as an anonymous safe haven for a bully.

We need to empower our kids. In order to do this, let's focus and encourage their individuality and all the things that they excel in. Our children are all special and talented in their own unique way. They need to know it.

 It is also important for kids to be able to turn to their parents, teachers, and role models for advice and help.  The stigma is on the bully, not on his or her target. Bottom line, bullying is never ok and we should always be there for our children.