Jury seated in Cipriano murder trial

1 jury seated for trial for Tucker Cipriano who is charged with 1st degree murder in 2012 baseball bat beatings


PONTIAC, Mich. – The jury was selected Wednesday afternoon in the trial against Tucker Cipriano.

It includes seven white women, one black woman, one black man and five white men. Two of those 14 will serve as alternate jurors.

Tucker Cipriano suited up for the court appearance and got some help from his attorney as he put on a tie and cufflinks.

Last week, Cipriano appeared in court dressed in an Oakland County Jail jumpsuit. On Monday, he was in a shirt.

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"One, he wants to respect the court process and two, he wants to be presentable. It's like people going -- in the old days, anyways -- people going to church. You dress up because you're in front of the Lord," said his attorney, Mitch Ribitwer.

The jury selection process on Wednesday was filled with a lot of emotion. At least two potential jurors began crying during questioning. One said he thought the gruesome testimony would be too overwhelming. Another said her parents died and it was difficult for her to imagine how someone could harm their own parents.

"We're going to ask them about their emotions, about looking at graphic photographs, hearing testimony that could be very disturbing to them," said Ribitwer.

Selecting a jury is a long and difficult process. It took two full days. Many potential jurors said they heard about the case. Some had trouble saying they would ignore all the media reports they had previously heard.

A second jury will be selected for the trial against codefendant Mitchell Young. That selection process will begin Thursday morning.

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