SEMCOG releases list of most accident prone intersections

Ford Rd. and Haggerty intersection was the scene of 335 accidents in the last 5 years

CANTON, Mich. – Waiting in their cars for the lights to change, drivers sitting in endless back-ups -- this is what people in the city of Canton deal with every day at the intersection of Ford and Haggerty.

For drivers like Lisa Hargus, it comes as no surprise that this intersection was named the most accident prone in metro Detroit. 

"The traffic, the lights, the accidents, it's just insane every day," said Hargus, who drives through this intersection every day.

SEMCOG released the annual list of the likeliest spots you'll get into an accident.

Ford and Haggerty topped the list with 335 accidents happening over the last five years -- that's 67 accidents annually.

Research shows with the population growth in the area has skyrocketed in the past few years creating a traffic nightmare.

The I-275 on and off ramp is nearby, along with the always busy Ikea. Hargus said she's even been a victim of the intersection. 

"Here I am sitting at the light and all of a sudden someone just slams into the back of me," said Hargus. "Happens all the time." 

Second place goes to: 11 Mile and Southfield Road. This took the top spot on SEMCOG's list *last* year, but even though it dropped to number two, more than 65 accidents happen there every year -- 329 from 2008-2012. 

Drivers say with so many people trying to quickly get on and off of I-696, drivers blow through red lights constantly, creating a traffic nightmare.

Two other Southfield intersections made the cut: 10 Mile and Southfield is 17th worst, along with Southfield and 12 mile is 21st worst. 

Local police from these areas say the majority of the crashes are rear-enders or fender benders with minor injuries. 

But even with a smaller population of the three major counties, half of the most accident prone intersections on the list were in Macomb County. Garfield and 19 Mile Road rounded out the top five of SEMCOG's list.

Although, this is an area with extreme population growth.

To view the full list, click here.