Bob Bashara finds trouble while behind bars

Grosse Pointe Park man charged in wife's murder cited for stealing, lying in prison

DETROIT – Bob Bashara is locked and now in trouble for what he did with ketchup, jelly, spoons, napkins and sugar.

The convict's secret ketchup consumption and his desire to horde condiments has him in trouble with prison guards in Manistee, Mich., where he is being held. The Local 4 Defenders have obtained misconduct reports regarding Bashara.

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It appears "Big Bob" lost all privileges for five days after it was found he stole a variety of items from the chow hall and then lied to officials about whether he was given permission.

During a shakedown, officials found packets of ketchup, sugar, jelly, napkins and spoons hidden in Bashara's locker. The report states that Bashara lied to prison officials, saying he was told he could take the extras.

The report was filed June 9. Bashara was cited for possession of stolen property, theft and lying.

On May 30, Bashara also was written up for being "out of place," which means he was not where he was supposed to be at a scheduled time in prison.

"When a man sits in prison and he causes a ruckus in the prison it's going to make it difficult for him to survive in a lot of different ways," said legal expert Todd Flood.

The problems may not affect Bashara's trial, but they could affect his life.

"He's going to be more restricted. He's going to be put into difficult places. He's not going to be able to take care of his defense as well. He's not concentrating on his defense. His life is going to be in turmoil as this goes on," said Flood.

In May, Bashara pleaded not guilty to charges he's facing in connection with his wife's murder. He is facing a slew of charges including first-degree murder, perjury, witness intimidation and conspiracy for the death of Jane.

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