Ferguson convinces judge he can't afford attorney

Bobby Ferguson to receive attorney on taxpayer dollars


DETROIT – Bobby Ferguson is back in court, but he is no longer clean-shaven in a sharp suit.

Instead, he now sports a full beard and a red jail jumpsuit, and it's clear he's lost weight.

Ferguson was in court Thursday answering questions by the judge behind closed doors to determine if he could be appointed an attorney rather than paying for one himself.

He had previously hesitated to release any financial information, hoping to keep it quiet.

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However, after questioning Thursday, the judge made a statement about Ferguson's financial situation.

"I am satisfied that the defendant is not able to afford council for the case," said Judge David Lawson of the U.S. District Court.

With that, the case against Ferguson will continue with taxpayers helping to pay for his defense.

Ferguson will still need an attorney to represent him in the federal corruption case. His longtime attorney Gerald Evely walked away from the case citing a medical issue.