Canton Township police question suspect in golf club thefts

Man comes forward after surveillance photos released

Canton Township police are questioning a suspect in the theft of golf clubs from a township golf course.

CANTON TOWNSHIP, Mich. – A man has come forward to talk with Canton Township police after surveillance photos showed the apparent theft of golf clubs from the township-owned Pheasant Run Golf Club.

It was June 8 when cameras showed a man taking three bags of clubs from the bag drop area at the club and loading them into a pickup truck with a large white Detroit Red Wings decal on the back window.

Pheasant Run course manager Greg Bores said the theft was shocking.

"It was pretty devastating because when you talk a set of golf clubs, it could cost thousands of dollars, a pretty significant investment," Bores said.

The story took a different twist two days later, when the same surveillance camera recorded the man, with a woman assisting him, bringing the clubs back and leaving them at the bag drop.

The Red Wings decal had been removed from the truck's window.

"I talked to the detective about a thief returning  a set of golf clubs, so hopefully word got around and whoever did this just got a good conscience and brought them back," Bores said.

Canton Township police Sgt. Craig Wilsher said it may have been a case of the thief trying to sell the clubs and the prospective buyers sensing the clubs had been stolen.

"It appears so, if it was discovered by somebody else and looked at them and they tried to selling them at a store and the clerk just refused them," Wilsher said.

Police said the suspected thief came forward after a friend reportedly told him police were still looking for him.

As of now, no charges have been filed, but the investigation continues.


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