Fake cops rob man on Detroit's east side

Man on way to work robbed after car with flashing light pulls up behind him near Harper Avenue, Three Mile

DETROIT – Three men pretending to be police officers pulled a man over then made off with his cash. It happened at the intersection of Harper Avenue and Three Mile Drive on Detroit's east side.

Bill Confere told a real cop what the three fake ones did to him. He was only a mile from work Wednesday morning when he saw flashing lights behind him.

"I thought I getting pulled over and I thought was I doing the right thing by pulling over," said Confere.

He says they looked like the real deal.

"It was a black Crown Vic like they drive it had little antennas on it, it had flashing lights, had a push bumper, a spotlight in the windshield. It looked just like a cop car," Confere said.

He says three men emerged from the car, two white and one black.

Police believe the same men in the same car robbed and beat a man in nearby Chandler Park three weeks ago.

"I asked to see badges they wouldn't show me," Confere said. "All three had guns on side in holsters. There was nothing you could really do."


--Bill Confere

The fake cops took his ID; one stood with Confere outside his truck while the other two entered his pickup and helped themselves.

"They got my wallet with $200, my dad's prescription that I had just picked up this morning for him," he said. They also stole the victim's Cd's and his bank card before they drove off.   

Confere is the head mechanic at Art's Auto Repair. Last month he was robbed at gunpoint while changing a tire at Seven Mile and Hoover.

"We have a family owned and operated shop down here, we love it down here," said Confere.