Parents call for Pontiac schools emergency manager

Parents tell financial review team state should take over Pontiac schools

The state-appointed Pontiac schools financial review team heard from parents at a public meeting Wednesday.

PONTIAC, Mich. – Many parents of students in the Pontiac school district are calling for a state-appointed emergency manager.

The state appointed a financial review team to examine the budget and management of Pontiac schools.  The team is preparing to ask Governor Rick Snyder to declare a financial emergency in the district.

In keeping with state law, the financial review team held a public meeting Wednesday to get input from parents and the community,

Unlike in Detroit, where an emergency manager for the schools was met with anger and resistance, many parents in Pontiac want the state to step in.

Kevin Stewart is one parent who said it is time.

"Its definitely for the future of the children. We can't keep operating as a school district in this capacity," Stewart said.

Linda Hassen is another parent who said the district has been mismanaged.

"We need them to come in and take over totally. In Pontiac, we had it like it was just like Kumbaya and everybody got along like nobody did anything wrong," Hassen said.

The Pontiac school district is facing an estimated $38 million budget deficit.

The state will make a determination of a financial emergency in early August.

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