Canton police: Drivers leaving keys in cars leads to crime spike

Police warning owners to not leave keys in cars


CANTON, Mich. – Canton police are seeing a summer spike of car thefts and it's all due to a mistake drivers are making with their car keys.

"We've had four or five just in the past few weeks," said Canton police Sgt. Craig Wilsher, who adds that five car thefts in just a few weeks is a high number for the community.

It's all because drivers are leaving their keys in the their cars overnight and leaving their cars locked.

The car's owner thinks they're helping out a family member by making it convenient for them to simply hop in the car in the morning and head out to work or school.

Instead, thieves are coming by overnight and looking in the cars for something to steal. They find the key and drive off with the car.

 Police are asking car owners to put an end to the practice that's simply making things too easy for criminals.

Just this week, police have arrested two suspected car thieves and recovered two of the cars stolen in the last few days.

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