Residents steamed without AC at Inkster apartments

Hundreds of residents without air conditioning at Inkster apartments

INKSTER, Mich. – The numbers don't lie. It was steamy in this Inkster apartment and resident Lisa Lyke was burning up.

"I bet it's 100 degrees in this apartment," she said. "I can't breathe. I feel like it makes me want to have a panic attack."

Lyke is not alone. Many residents at Thompson Tower say the air conditioner suddenly shut down on Monday. They have complained but no action has been taken. They are steamed, literally.

"It's hot, extremely hot. Like, passing out hot," said

No one in management was available and security wanted Local 4 gone.

Later, a supervisor did call saying the main AC unit on the roof was struck by lightning. Parts had to be ordered. Crews needed permission to get into apartments.

The good news is Monday night was Local 4 did see crews on the roof. Work is being done to cool the place down.

The question now: How long will it take?


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