Warren mayor blames state for blight

Warren Mayor Blames State For Blight


WARREN, Mich. – Warren Mayor James Fouts is accusing state officials of contributing to blight in the city.

The problem, according to Fouts, is the Michigan Department of Transportation is not mowing weeds and grass along freeway service drives.

"The state has basically disregarded their fundamental responsibilities. The state has a responsibility to maintain their property, and that includes I-696 and the service drive," Fouts said

Fouts said some weeds are six feet tall and he's asking permission to charge the state if city crews can do the work.

"It's very frustrating to me. I'm trying to keep this city blight free," Fouts said. "I think we've done a pretty good job, but it's a never-ending battle."


Warren has an ordinance that requires grass to stay under six inches tall, otherwise a ticket will be issued.

But it's not just Fouts who is upset.

Local 4 talked with a resident who called the messy embankments "awful" and a hazard to drivers.

A spokesperson for MDOT said budget constraints has limited their ability to keep up with roadway embankments regularly, but they are willing to come up with a solution with the city.

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