Kwame Kilpatrick in court bid for freedom


The last time the public saw Kwame Kilpatrick it was moments after he was found guilty of charge after charge in his federal corruption trial.

The former mayor had clearly lost his famous swagger and confidence and looked shaken after U.S. District Judge Nancy Edmonds sent Kilpatrick directly to jail.

At 10:30am this morning, Kwame Kilpatrick will return to federal court as a prison inmate. It will be his first appearance in public since his conviction for what is being called a "status hearing".

Kilpatrick wants out of prison before his sentencing and has made several pleas to the court.

Now we're learning Kilpatrick says he is injured -- allegedly hurting his knee and arguing that he's a target for violence in prison. There have been no reported incidents of Kilpatrick having any problems behind bars.

 Today's court action sets the stage for Kilpatrick to appeal his conviction on charges he and Bobby Ferguson shook down contractors to make themselves rich and that Kilpatrick used donations to help Detroit kids and neighborhoods for he and his family to live the high life.

Kilpatrick is blaming the news media, his own lawyers and improper instructions given to the jury, as reasons why he should be released on bond.

All indications are that Kilpatrick doesn't take responsibility for his actions and will continue his court battle.