Inkster woman recalls once vibrant, neighborly community

Inkster sees surge in crime while school system crumbles; some residents not giving up on city they call home


INKSTER, Mich. – For 65 years Mary Donald has called Inkster home.

She grew up in Inkster, raised her children there and now she is watching her grandchildren grow up in the same community.

"You could leave your doors open and your neighbors could come in and get some sugar, and let you know that they got the sugar and they're running out the door. There were people who cared for your children. They would watch out for your kids," said Donald.

Today, it's not the same community Donald remembers from her youth. The police department is stretched thin with a surge in violent crimes this summer, leaving this long-time resident and so many others afraid in their homes wondering if they will get caught in the crossfire of the next shooting.

"Yes, we all would like to see more officers on the street. And we need to stop all this violence. Everyone knows what it's about," said Donald.


The violence is one of many pressing issues affecting the suburban community. The Inkster Public School district recently was dissolved due to financial problems. Students will attend schools in neighboring districts this upcoming school year.

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"You know, my kids went to the Inkster school system, my nephews, my nieces, and it's a part of community and no one wants it gone. We all want it to stay," said Donald.

Donald will never give up on her community. She has neighbors just like her, fighting to bring Inkster back.

"I'm here to stay, yeah," she said.