Detroit mayoral debate roll call: Duggan yes, Dugeon no

Mike Dugeon ‘the barber' not invited to Tuesday's mayoral debate

DETROIT – The clock is ticking down to one of the most anticipated Detroit mayoral primaries in a long time.

Tuesday's debate includes most of the candidates, but one new high-profile candidate won't be there.

Mike Dugeon is a Detroit mayoral candidate in name only. He's not a politician, but rather a barber who cuts hair in the city.

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One week after he became a bit of a media sensation for having a very similar name to candidate Mike Duggan, Dugeon is wondering what he got himself into and whether it was worth it.

"I wasn't invited," said Dugeon when asked if he would be attending the debate.

The 31-year-old barber, who cuts hair at Ray's Big "D", will appear as a write in mayoral candidate next Tuesday.

His presence on the ballot is meant to confuse and perhaps prevent write in votes from going to the Mike Duggan who filed first as a write in and is the former CEO of Detroit Medical Center.


--Mike Duggan

Dugeon says he quickly figured out life in the spotlight is not all it's cracked up to be. He says he's been getting late night phone calls, nasty Facebook posts and threats. 

"Intimidating me, saying not to come here or do this, I can't come to that (expletive) neighborhood of yours and this and that. It's a lot of disrespectful things," he said.

The barber shop was empty today, a rarity says Dugeon; he believes everything will blow over after next Tuesday.

"Short term I'm sure It'll pick back up. I think people think I'm out campaigning or that I'm too busy or they don't want to be caught up in the media spotlight so to speak," Dugeon said.

Dugeon says he has no regrets and says he agreed to run thinking it would be good publicity for the shop.

"I'm pretty sure it will blow over. I can always say I ran for mayor," he said.

Dugeon says someone scouted him before this all started knowing he would jump at the chance to get in on the campaign.     

He also thinks his name on the ballot will actually help Mike Duggan and says it will force voters to know exactly who they are writing in.

The debate starts at 8 p.m. and Local 4 will be livestreaming it.