Detroit pastor, father killed after asking neighbors to quiet down

Police say Tim Kirby was shot, killed after asking neighbors to keep party noise down

DETROIT – Tim Kirby, 46, was very well-known in his community. He was a local pastor, a father of four and a community activist known for doing good work in the neighborhood.

However, on Monday night, trouble arrived at Kirby's apartment.

"It was devastating. I cried for a minute, and then it was like I couldn't cry no more," said his daughter, Tatiana Kirby. "He was a good father. He was always a caring person. Every Sunday we were always in church. He always made sure we had clothes, good clothes on our backs, food on the table."

Tim Kirby was at his home off Heritage Place Monday night. Police say his neighbors were having a big party with loud music and people screaming. Kirby went outside to ask his neighbors to bring the noise down.

"I was laying on the couch and I heard gunshots around 11:30," said a neighbor.

Investigators say men at the party became angry and began yelling at Kirby. One man opened fire, shooting Kirby three times. The cement in front of his apartment has been stained with blood where he fell to his death.

"I never thought that it was Tim. Never. Never crossed my mind," a neighbor said.

The Detroit pastor was known for his work in the community and his fiery sermons. He was building his ministry and looking forward to moving to a new church. Now, a congregation is left without its leader and four children are left without their father.

"I hope my daddy gets justice because he didn't deserve this," said Tatiana.

Family members say an autopsy will be done. On Thursday, Kirby's body will be transported to Nashville, Tenn. for funeral services.


Tim Kirby