Waterford police want to catch purse snatcher who robbed 90-year-old at Meijer

Crime caught on store cameras; $1,200 cash, credit cards stolen from victim's purse


WATERFORD, Mich. – Waterford police are hoping someone will recognize a purse snatcher who was caught on camera robbing a 90-year-old woman on Tuesday.

Police said the victim told them she was in the produce section of the Meijer store off Highland Road when she noticed her cart and purse were missing.

She found the cart a few aisles over -- but $1,200 in cash, her wallet and several credit cards were missing from her purse.

Police said investigators reviewed surveillance video from the store and were able to see the crime as it happened and get a snapshot of the purse snatcher. They have identified the suspect as Deborah Lynn Simmons, 49.

They've released the video and a picture of the purse snatcher.

Anyone with information to call the Waterford Police Department at 248 -618-7550.