Is Kevyn Orr living too large in Detroit?

Detroiters wonder why emergency manager lives in penthouse suite, runs up room service bill

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DETROIT – Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr came to Detroit making deep cuts across the board.

Then, Orr filed for Chapter 9 municipal bankruptcy, saying pensions must be cut. Some Detroiters say it would be easier to stomach if Orr walked the walk.

Many say Orr is living large in a Westin Book Cadillac hotel penthouse suite paid for by taxpayers while he has had plenty of time to find his own place and pay for it with his own salary of $275,000.

Orr also has hired an assistant, Gary Brown, and Police Chief James Craig, both at $225,000 a year.

The emergency manager also is ringing up a nice room service bill -- almost $3,000 for crab cakes and steak bites, calamari and shrimp Caesar.

Statement from Orr's spokesman:

"Kevyn Orr does not expense his room service. He pays for it out of his own pocket and at his own expense."

"It shouldn't be like that. It shouldn't be that way. He got a job to do and he's doing it, but that's a lot of money," said Steve, a Detroit resident.

Steve likes what Orr is doing. He says in his 60 years in Detroit this is the best solution to serious problems, but he still thinks Orr should tone down his own taxpayer spending.