Bear steals an entire dumpster

Bear caught by surveillance cameras taking dumpster from back alley of Colorado restaurant


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – When a bear is hungry, there is no telling what it will do. This bear was looking for food in a dumpster from the back alley of a Colorado Springs restaurant. But instead of choosing just one item from the dumpster buffet, the bear took the entire thing.

Edleweiss Restaurant posted a video of a bear jumping on it's hind legs and sniffing the dumpster before slowly, and awkwardly rolling it away. According to the restaurant, the dumpster was stolen Tuesday night. They later said the beat wheeled the dumpster into the parking lot, tipped it over and left.

Bears have been all over the internet lately. Just last week, this bear was caught using a tree to scratch it's back.


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