Where to find August travel deals

Ruth to the Rescue helps hunt down August travel deals


DETROIT – As we enter the final weeks of summer, it is not too late for that late-summer getaway.

"Oh, I think it's great just to spend the last couple of weeks in summer, doing, having fun things," said Royal Oak's Camille Primeau.

"What I like about travel is just getting away and enjoying myself," said Paul Sykes, of Royal Oak.

Some travel experts say August can be a great time to find some bargains, if you know where to look.

"So come August, demands start to drop in some of these very popular destinations," said Jeanenne Tornatore, Orbitz Senior Editor.

What are the secrets to saving money? Orbitz's Tornatore and David Fishman of the Cadillac Travel Group in Southfield shared some of the savings secrets they use to find bargains.

Fishman says if you are not locked into certain travel dates, you are way ahead in the race to save money. "You're flexible, you're going to get good deals. It's the bottom line. They're always out there, it depends on your flexibility," he said.

Being flexible on dates saves you money because you can travel during off-peak times. The same rule also applies to destinations. Our experts say you should look for destinations that other people might not think about in August. Have you ever thought about going to a ski resort in the summer?

"So, if you like to do the hiking, the mountain biking, an the fly fishing and rafting and golfing- ski resorts are sometimes fantastic deals in the summer time," said David Fishman, of the Cadillac Travel Group in Southfield.

Fishman also tells travelers not to forget Michigan is right in the middle of some great destinations that are within driving distance. Staying close to home allows travelers not to have to worry about airfares.

Fishman also tells Ruth to the Rescue, in August, Michigan resorts come up with special offers that will temp you.

"If you're driving, then every single week someone has a deal in the driving distance areas, whether it be up in Traverse City, Petosky, or Mackinac Island, something will have something," said Fishman.

However, if you are looking to fly away for your next getaway, both of our travel experts agree package deals are the key to unlocking even more savings.

"This is where hotels and airlines that need to offload the rooms and the seats will discount them deeply as part of a package," said Tornatore.

Top Picks For August Deals

Tornatore also told Ruth to the Rescue the top picks for August travel deals according to Orbitz.

"I'm here is Savannah, Georgia which is one of my favorite southern cities. said Tornatore. "They have an average hotel rate in August from $140 a night."

Tornatore also has suggests you look at these destinations in August.

*Fort Myers, Florida: Hotel rates from $130 a night and beaches known for great shelling.
*Grand Bahama Island: Hotel rates are under $150.
*Colorado Ski Resorts: Hotel rates under $150.

"And out west, places like Durango Colorado or Winterpark Colorado, those ski resort destinations averaging under $150 a night in August," said Tornatore.