Bike stolen from boy visiting sick mom in hospital

Security team at Sinai-Grace pitch in to buy 13-year-old new bike


DETROIT – Thirteen-year-old Andre Scott rides his bike every week to Sinai-Grace to visit his sick mom.

He hides his new bike in the bushes so no one will take it.

But, last Friday, someone did.

At the age of 35, his mother Tammy Montgomery has battled a lifetime's worth of health problems -- including two strokes.

Friday, the mother of five was back in the hospital.

Her 13-year-old son rode his bike two miles to see her.

"I parked it by the alley and put it inside the bushes so it can blend in," said Scott.

When he later went to get his bike, a man told him to get away from it. So, Scott ran away to get help.

When he came back, the man and his new bike were gone.

"I felt real bad like I wish he would have just stayed at the house," said mom Tammy. "I see that he was concerned about me, so he came up here and this incident happened. I was real hurt."

Scott depended on his bike to help his mom, who can't drive, get groceries.

"I know that's the only thing he can get around on and then he gets my medicine. That's the only thing we can get around for now," said Montgomery.

Although the incident happened off hospital property, security guards put their money together to buy Andre a new bike


"Because it happened in the manner it did and he is such a good kid, we had to do something," said Sinai-Grace Police Officer Derrick Scott.

The kind gesture will go a long way to help out a kid with a lot of adult responsibilities on his plate.

"It makes me happy and now I can get around again," said Scott.