Dearborn Heights man caught by feds running illegal marijuana grow operation

Robert McIntosh sentenced to prison after raid at his home, Detroit warehouse


DETROIT – Metro Detroit is home to several legitimate marijuana grow operations that follow the laws and help those with chronic pain. But the feds say the pot growing operation run by a man living in a Dearborn Heights hour wasn't one of them.

According to federal documents obtained by the Defenders, when the feds raided Robert McIntosh's home, they found 164 marijuana plants, 1,000 grams of packages marijuana and a couple of guns.


Macintosh was home at the time of the raid and admitted the drugs were his, insisting he was part of an up-and-coming medical marijuana company. But, more evidence suggested otherwise.

Another raid on a Detroit warehouse uncovered a 40,000 square-foot grow room and 500 marijuana plants.

McIntosh, seeing the overwhelming evidence against him, decided not to fight -  admitting the medical marijuana business was just a front to sell weed to anyone who wanted it.

McIntosh has been sentenced to five years in prison.