Detroit Public School needs volunteers to help keep kids safe

Students start classes Sept. 3, face walking past abandoned houses with streetlights out



Detroit Public School students will head back to class on Sept. 3rd -- and with so many streetlights remain out in the city -- many kids will be walking past abandoned houses in the dark.

DPS issued a volunteer call to action on Friday.

RAW: DPS press conference calling for volunteers.

Christal Malone is entering her senior year at Communication and Media Arts High School in Detroit; she is joining the DPS call to action.

"This can cause students to miss school and to not even want to come, which will make them miss out on their educational experience," she said. "It's really sad that students are scared to stay after school for extracurricular activities, because they may end when it's dark outside."

DPS needs volunteers to simply be visible on the streets in the mornings and afternoons to keep an eye out for students.

The mere presence of a volunteer could help deter kids from becoming targets of a crime.

Anyone can volunteer; DPS needs them in 14 key areas of the district.

The job's simple; volunteers are asked to walk, drive or bike to patrol their blocks.

Businesses are being asked to play the role of lookouts and residence can help by turning porch lights on while kids walk to and from school.

Jim Lockhart is a DPS volunteer. He says if you live outside of the city but work downtown or enjoy a Tigers game downtown you can help too.

"Students shouldn't be afraid to go to school," said Malone.

Volunteers are asked to commit to one year of patrolling either at 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. or 2 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

To find out more about becoming a volunteer call (313) 748-6009.

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