Police looking for men who whacked ATM with hammer

Caught on tape: Three men attempt to break into Melvindale ATM


MELVINDALE, Mich. – Police are looking for a group of men who attempted to break in an ATM in Melvindale by taking a hammer to it.

Apparently they didn't know that most ATMs are equipped with surveillance cameras, either that or they didn't care.

What is clear, are the surveillance images taken during the incident.

Images show three young men standing around the ATM located on Allen Road last Sunday.

One of the men, wearing a white Hollister T-shirt, can be seen approaching the machine with a hammer and taking a whack at it.

The display screen, keypad, card reader, and panels were damaged in the attack, police say.

Despite the pounding, no money was dispensed and the men left the scene empty handed in a silver or grey hatchback.