Roaming pig in neighborhood causing controversy

Neighbor says pig is "a danger to the people"


CHESTERFIELD TOWNSHIP, Mich. – There is a new neighbor in the Chesterfield Square condominiums in Chesterfield Township, but not everyone is welcoming the newcomer.

That newcomer is a potbellied pig that may have been someone's pet, but is now running loose.

Kathy Niver has spotted the pig with her binoculars. "She's probably a good 60 to 70 pounds," Niver said.

Niver has captured images of the pig on cellphone video.

"I think he is quite friendly," said Niver. "I see no aggression. All of us here have been giving him apples and carrots and cabbage and all kinds of different things and actually enjoying his presence," Niver said.

But Bonnie Wolf, head of the neighborhood association, said the pig has been destroying yards in the community.

"It's become a nuisance to the neighborhood and a danger to the people," Wolf said.

Residents have joined with the Macomb County Animal Control office to corner the pig, but have been unsuccessful.

The story circulating in the neighborhood is that when the pig was put up for sale a month ago, it made its escape. No one has claimed ownership of the pig.