Crooks crash truck into Detroit store to steal ATM machine

Thieves slam truck into Save-A-Lot on Gratiot to get at ATM inside

DETROIT – The Local 4 Defenders obtained surveillance video capturing crooks using a flatbed truck to crash through one of the few grocery stores located near downtown Detroit.

The thieves are after one thing, the cold hard cash in the ATM. It happened at the Save-A-Lot grocery story on Gratiot around 5 a.m.

Under the cover of darkness thieves make their move using a truck to repeatedly back into the building until they breaking through the wall.

UNCUT: Thieves crash truck into grocery store.

The men next struggle to get security bars out of the way to lift the heavy ATM which is still bolted to the floor. They use the truck again to slam into the ATM one more time to loosen it before driving off with a truckload of money. 


The thieves were in and out in under five minutes but they left behind thousands of dollars in damages to the store.

Today work is being done to repair the damage. It will cost thousands to replace the glass, the bars and the flooring that was damaged.

The owner is deciding not to replace the ATM hoping to keep the crooks away next time.

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