Google for Entrepreneurs makes Detroit part of tech hub

25 technology startups in M@dison Building getting some big guidance, new neighbors


DETROIT – Twenty five technology startups located in the building resurrected by Dan Gilbert are getting some big guidance.

The high-tech hatchlings of startups are looking to grow and soar. The best mother hen of them all just moved in next door to help nurture those startups.

Grand Circus -- a tech training unit --and Google for Entrepreneurs are making Detroit part of its seven city technology hub. Together they are a network of brains to facilitate entrepreneurs who are looking for help.

The 25 startups on this block are very excited.

John Morgan moved Motozume from Chicago to Detroit to take advantage of the buzz the city is making.

"The tech community is thriving and I think Google's presence sort of puts a stamp of validation on that," said Morgan.

Google's arrival is like having Miguel Cabrera join your team. The company has massive success reaching out to massive opportunity.

As Gilbert and others create the Silicon Valley of the Midwest here in Detroit, Google can help these companies manage the growing pains they plan on experiencing.

"Google understands that very well and they can offer insights and opportunities whether it may be partnerships, selling partnerships, content partnerships for our startups in Detroit. Those are the real two mass opportunities I see with Google being in town," said one employee.