Single mom's van stolen in Warren

Amanda Myers woke up to find her van, photography equipment stolen


WARREN, Mich. A Warren mother got a bad surprise Tuesday morning when she came outside to leave for her job as a photographer.

Amanda Myers' Dodge Caravan with all of her photography equipment inside was stolen overnight.

Her children's car seats were also inside the van.

As a single mom, life is already challenging enough for the 29-year-old mother of two. Myers lives near 8 Mile and Van Dyke.

"It's my only transportation to and from work and taking my son and daughter to and from school and doctors," she said.

Myers says she financed the van barely two months ago and she is now left without transportation to work and the equipment to do her job.

The red 2002 van has a 101 WRIF Dave and Chuck the Freak bumper sticker on the back driver's side window.

Myers says the thief stole her transportation, livelihood, and her family's sense of security.

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