Gunfire erupts during police raid across from Detroit school

Kids on Detroit playground hear gunshots during drug raid at house across street


DETROIT – It happened Tuesday at Pasteur Elementary on Detroit's west side.

Detroit police raided a home across the street from the school but at some point during the drug raid gunfire erupted. Dozens of kids across the street on the playground ran for cover.

"It was like on the first two shots everybody started running in," said 4th grader Gavin Winston. "Everybody was screaming, everybody started running. They went into the bathroom for safety."

Gavin's mother is heated.

"When they opened fire at that particular house, anything could have happened to those kids on that open playground," said Angela Watson.

The principal sent a letter home with students which reads in part:

"Today at lunch time the police did a raid at a house across from the school. When we saw the police at the house, we quickly signaled for the students on the playground to be brought into the school. As students were coming in, they heard gunshots and some started to run into the school. All the students were safe and accounted for."

Watson believes the school should have been put on lockdown and parents should have been notified. She says she sends her 9-year-old to school to learn, not to run from gunshots.

"Parents have a right to know. I mean, I went all day not knowing that this went on, not knowing that my son's life was in danger," she said.

Detroit police offered this statement on the raid:

"Our raid followed the proper procedure and protocol. DPD executives have reached out to the school's principal regarding the issue."