Police Chief James Craig issues community call to action

Detroit Police Chief hosts call to action at Triumph Church


DETROIT – Detroit's new Police Chief James Craig has been busy making structural changes in the department.

Saturday the chief was focusing on getting citizens involved in the fight against crime Detroit.

Chief Craig hosted a call to action event at Triumph Church on East Grand Boulevard. Participants learned about forming block clubs and neighborhoods watch patrols during the event.

The chief says this is all about taking action in the community.

"The people that came today are the doers. Like Nike says, just do it. That's the message, just do it. There's more of us, the good people that want to send a message to those violent predators, you are not welcome here. You either get on this fast moving train of peace or you can go someplace else. Detroit's not a place you can call home," said Craig.

Craig expects to hold more events like this one to get more Detroit residents involved in making the city safe.