Rooftop dogs left in vacant Detroit home removed overnight

MHS says all 3 dogs gone by Saturday


DETROIT – The Michigan Humane Society was set to rescue three dogs trapped in an abandon home near Somerset and Yorkshire on Detroit's east side.

The organization checked the vacant home Saturday morning to find the doors to the home unlocked and the dogs gone.

Two of the dogs were first noticed Friday as they stood on the roof of the empty home. The Humane Society was called to rescue the stranded dogs who were using a hole in the roof as a portal in and out of the home.

A large puppy was also trapped inside the home.

Neighbors say squatters lived in the house and left the dogs behind when they moved on.

Humane Society investigators could not legally enter the house to rescue the dogs until a notice was posted advising the owners to contact them first.

"Because the house is secure and we're not able to break in and take the dogs we have to post a notice. We'll come back tomorrow and get the dogs out as soon as we can," said MHS investigator Mark Ramos.

Friday one of the former occupants returned and removed the notice before leaving the home. It is not known who removed the dogs overnight.