Psychiatric hospitalization for woman in Lexington standoff

77-year-old woman undergoing psychiatric evaluation after police chase, armed standoff Saturday


LEXINGTON, Mich. – Police say a 77-year-old southeastern Michigan woman is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after she held police at bay with a handgun inside her car in a police department parking lot.

Port Huron police Capt. Jeff Baker says officers surrounded the woman's car Saturday in the lot in Lexington. He says she'd driven there after a high-speed pursuit with police that started in Port Huron over a speeding violation.

He says the woman kept pointing the gun toward her vehicle's roof during the incident.

When officers couldn't get her to talk, Port Huron Capt. Jeff Baker says they released gas into the vehicle, approached her and took her into custody.

Police say she's undergoing psychiatric evaluation Sunday at a Port Huron hospital for evaluation and police will review the events before preparing a report to prosecutors about possible charges.