Woman gives birth in car in front of Grosse Pointe hospital

Baby Scarlett just couldn't wait to meet parents

GROSSE POINTE, Mich. – When Elizabeth Walters went into labor early Sunday her husband sprang into action. He got his wife into the car along with the couple's other son and the family started the drive to Grosse Pointe Beaumont.

That's when they encountered a freeway delay on I-75. Husband Tom had to find an alternative route, but baby Scarlett just couldn't wait.

"I said, 'We're going to have this baby in the car' and he said, 'no, we're not, no, we're not.' Then my water broke and then, every contraction, my body started pushing," said Walters.

When the family arrived in front of the hospital she was already on her way.

Mom gave birth to Scarlett in front of the hospital in the family's jeep.

Scarlett Elizabeth Cherokee Walters was born at 3:36 a.m. She weighs just over 8 pounds and both mom and baby are doing fine.