Bobby Ferguson's sentencing pushed back 1 day

Ferguson to learn fate day after Kwame Kilpatrick hears his sentence

DETROIT – Former Detroit contractor and convicted felon Bobby Ferguson won't have long to wait to learn his fate in court, but now Kwame Kilpatrick will have to go first.

The sentencing date for Ferguson was moved to Friday, Oct. 11, at 10 a.m. The new date is just one day after pal Kilpatrick is set to receive his sentencing on Oct. 10.

Both men were originally scheduled to be sentenced Thursday.

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Ferguson and Kilpatrick were found guilty in March of several racketeering and corruption charges.

They've been locked up since then with no bond.

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The government says Kilpatrick took bribes from Detroit contractors and ensured that his pal Ferguson got millions in city work.

Federal prosecutors have asked for a 14-to-28-year prison sentence for both men.