Granddad picks up wrong kid from school

Elementary school in Britain investigating after mixup involving 6-year-old


An elementary school in Britain has apologized after handing over the wrong girl to a short-sighted grandfather for a trip to the doctor.

The 6-year-old girl shares the same first name as the man's granddaughter and is in the same grade, according to The Guardian.

She took the bus with the 74-year-old man to a doctor's office in Kent, where she was prescribed Acetaminophen, before being dropped back off at class.

The girl's parents only heard about the incident when she came home and showed the medicine to her mother.

"I was boiling inside. The first thing I thought was the worst," the girl's father, who asked to remain anonymous, told The Telegraph. "I had to ask my daughter the sort of questions no parent ever wants to ask, 'Did he do this, did he do that.'"

The school's principal has apologized to the family and said all procedures related to student safety were being reviewed as part of the investigation.