Detroit police chief unveils new 'All Star' executive team

Craig announces several appointments Tuesday during press conference


DETROIT – Detroit Police Chief James Craig on Tuesday made more personnel moves as part of his makeover of the department.

Craig unveiled what he called an "All Star" executive and command team, which included a slew of new appointments.

Craig had said one of the major problems he faced when he took the job was figuring out what to do with the department's top-heavy management.

"We'll reduce the deputy chief rank from six to three. We will reduce the commander rank from 17 to 9 and captain, which replaces the rank of inspector, went from 21 to 23," Craig said.

Craig said all of this new appointments were based on merit and not on their connections to top brass. He said it was the first time in recent history that there had been a transparent and honest promotion process.

He said the new management structure will save the department $1 million a year in salaries.