Detroit area Filipino-Americans voice concern over typhoon effects

Families fear for loved ones in Tacloban

DETROIT – The festivities of a banquet in Livonia Saturday were overshadowed by the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan, which hit hard at the central Philippines city of Tacloban.

The subject was on the minds of members of the Tacloban Club at their community banquet at Burton Manor.

Ted Hubahib said he has not heard from family members after getting early reports of the devastation.

"It is beyond people's imagination. You can see floating bodies," Hubahib said.

Fe San Agustine said her family is now living in a school with several other families under unbearable conditions.

"It's very hard to bring food to the people or any clothing because of the fallen trees," Agustine said.

Michiangelo Buot has a cousin who is a nurse. He said the city's hospital was destroyed by an earthquake a few weeks ago and now patients are being treated outside.

"They need water and medical supplies, even the smallest supplies like a band-aid, those are non-existent," Buot said.

Dr. Christian Orano has family in Tacloban. He said everyone knows it will take a long time to recover from this disaster.

"They are used to typhoons, like six typhoons every year, but this one was especially strong," Orano said.

Local Filipino community organizations are joining together to raise funds to help the victims in the Philippines.