Cecile Thompson

On a typical day, I like to start off with my coffee. I like to use sugar free or fat free flavored coffee creamer.

I like to make my own breakfast sandwich. I will microwave a beaten egg (2pts) in a bowl, so it cooks whole and fits on my bread. I will add a slice 2% cheese (1pt), sharp cheddar or Swiss, a slice of lean ham or Canadian bacon (1pt). Top it off with Tomato's and baby spinach, all on a whole grain bun, flatout or light toast (2pts). Total 5-6 pts.

Pair it with fruit and that will hold me for 3-4 hours.

Morning Snack – Fruit and cheese (1pt)

Lunch will be leftovers from dinner, usually a lean protein, veggie and a starch of some sort. I try to keep it down to 7 pts. or less, or a salad with a lean protein, ham or turkey, veggies, and a light dressing, or a sandwich made with light bread (2pts), lean meat (2pts), veggies and side of fruit and or soup (2pts).

Afternoon snack – Light & Fit Greek yogurt, with a fruit.

I try to eat my evening meal by 6:30.