Father speaks about baby daughter who was shot at Detroit home

15-month-old Jordyn Davis hospitalized after gunman shoots at family's home on Rossini Drive


DETROIT – In the latest picture of 15-month-old Jordyn Davis taken in her hospital room she looks full of energy, but just days ago her family feared for her life.

Jordyn was shot in the face Friday night at her home on Rossini Drive on Detroit's east side.

The baby girl's father, Hiram Golson, says she's doing better than expected.

"She's running around playing with toys and everything. I'm just glad she here, too," he said.

Police say someone fired at least three shots from outside of the house and took off. Several family members were inside including Jordyn's grandfather, Donald Harris.

"I passed out almost. Heck nah. Who doing it? Knowing that I do no wrong for it happen to here," said Harris.

Baby Jordyn was the only one hit by the gunshots. Doctors say she suffered a flesh wound. It required no surgery, luckily, just stitches.

"It went straight in and out but I am just glad she is still here man," said Harris
Tonight the family wants to know who opened fire on their home and why.

"If the police catch y'all I hope they give y'all enough time so you can rot up in there," said Golson.