Survey: Detroit Police Chief James Craig doing a good job

Survey commissioned by Target-Insyght says Detroiters see positive change in fighting crime


A poll released Tuesday afternoon shows that most Detroiters see a positive change in fighting crime since James Craig took over as chief.

The survey, done by Target-Insyght, was done over a 2-day period (November 6th and 7th) with a sample of 500 Detroit residents. It has a margin of error of +/- 4.5%.

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According to the survey the majority of Detroiters:

  • Sense positive change in fighting crime
  • See major improvements in crime fighting in the next 2 years
  • Feel safe in their homes at night

More from the survey:

Police Chief James Craig

Job Rating -- Doing a Good Job

66% give the Chief a Positive Job rating

17% give the Chief a Negative Job rating

Favorable Rating -- They Like Him

72% give the Chief a Favorable rating

14% give the Chief an Unfavorable rating

Direction of Crime Fighting – Unsure but lean – "things are moving in the Right Direction"

38% Right Direction

21% Wrong Track

41% Undecided/Unsure

Looking 2 Years ahead – Stopping Crime in Detroit – Definitely will be better

67% -Believe stopping crime in the Detroit will be better

40% - See stopping crime Much to Significant better in the next 2 years

Feel Safe at home at night – Detroiters by and large feel safe in their homes

73% -- Detroiters say they feel safe in their homes at night             

Victims of Crime – in the last year almost a quarter have been a victim - Young Adults Higher

22% indicate they were a victim of crime in the last year

45% of those under-35 years of age indicated they were a victim