Paintball shooter targets vehicles near Wayne State campus

Police investigate reports of shooter striking vehicles with paintballs in Detroit


DETROIT – Wayne State University police say someone is taking the game of paintball from the field to the streets.

According to sources, there is a man driving a black Toyota around town and leaning out of the car with a paintball gun, firing at other cars.

"That's crazy. Something like that to be going on, that's crazy," said David Nathan, who drives in the area.

Three incidents have been reported in the past few days. One was on the John C Lodge, another in the 8500 block of Grand River Avenue and another up the road at Joy Road and Grand River Avenue.

"No, no, no, I wouldn't like that," said Nathan. "That's not nice."

Greg Michael, of Action Paintball, says although the sport is safe, firing the paint pellets at moving vehicles can be extremely dangerous.

"It can take out someone's eye, if they are shot in the eye. Other bodily harm can be done," Michael said. "(Paintballs) have been known to ruin paint jobs on cars. Also, if it's shot from close enough range it can blow out a car window."

Wayne State police are leading an investigation with the help of Detroit police.