Detroit buses could be getting own police force

Plan needs to be approved with City Council; Would cost about $2 million

DETROIT – Bus drivers and riders in Detroit could soon have more protection.

Local 4 has learned that there's a plan in the works to put more officers on buses as part of a Detroit Department of Transportation police force.

City bus drivers have been demanding more security.

Earlier this month, a bus driver had bleach thrown on him.

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DDOT union president Fred Westbrook said the drivers are awaiting a proposal to be approved by City Council that would create the transit police force.

"We as transit operators here in the city of Detroit have been looking forward to it for years. We hope it goes through," he said.

If the proposal is pushed through, officers will be riding on the buses, but there will be a coast. The general fund will have to cough up more than $2 million.

But riders say there's no price tag for safety.

"Safety is very important. Every day we take the chance of getting ourselves hurt or killed. I'm out here every morning," said rider Dalenisha Leonard.