Farmington Hills girl wants dog back from mom's ex-boyfriend

10-year-old Hannah Lenhoff's request for dog leads to lawsuit after mother's boyfriend left for another woman


FARMINGTON HILLS, Mich. – Hannah Lenhoff, 10, wants her dog back from her mother's ex-boyfriend.

So far, she has been unsuccessful. That has led to a lawsuit.

Hannah's beloved teacup poodle, Mystery, was given to her by her grandmother last summer after her mother's dog died of cancer.

"She's very hurt. She's very upset," said Hannah's mother, Adrienne Lenhoff.

Hannah appeared at the Charles Wright Museum last week and told her story of how the man her mother thought she would marry, Mitch Rechter, who also was her father figure, ended the relationship by seeing another woman.

"She was begging for the dog back. Those pleas were going unanswered. I was trying to recover but I was trying to also do what I thought was right for my daughter."

The mother and daughter left the house with most of their stuff.

Rechter, Adrienne and Hannah had lived together for 5 years. There are other belongings involved in this tug-of-war, but Mystery is the key right now for Hannah.

"(Hannah) feels that Mitch and his attorney have used the dog and tried to use her to get back at me," said Adrienne.

Yet, the story only gets worse for the young girl. Being the precious 10-year-old she is, her mastery of social media turned up some things she wished weren't there.

"Hannah discovered photos and videos online of Rechter's girlfriend's daughter playing with (Hannah's) dog," said Adrienne.

Local 4 reached out to Rechter and his attorney. They would not comment beyond saying they are speaking with Lenhoff's attorney and believe they can work out this saga which has gone viral on the Internet.

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