Racist videos allegedly linked to Grosse Pointe Park police officers

Detroit groups call for speedy investigation


GROSSE POINTE PARK, Mich. – Several Detroit church leaders want the Grosse Pointe Park police department to move swiftly to investigate racist videos allegedly linked to police officers.

The cell phone videos, allegedly recorded by a police officer, show officers harassing black men, ordering them to dance like chimps, sing and clap their hands.

David Bullock, of the Change Agent Consortium in Detroit, said he was appalled at the videos.

"I wonder what kind of mindset would an officer have after maybe capturing and sending these videos as a joke," Bullock said.

 Bullock and other members of the consortium want the police chief to move quickly to investigate.

"We also want the Grosse Pointe Park police department to immediately suspend all of the officers that are allegedly involved without pay," Bullock said,.

Local 4 learned Tuesday that Grosse Pointe Park city officials had conversations with Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy, who suggested calling in the Michigan State Police to investigate.

David Bullock says any officers found to have taken part in the recording of the videos should be punished,.

"If in fact these officers were involved in any way, I believe they should be terminated, an I think there should be a public apology made by the police chief," Bullock said.

The Michigan State Police have not yet confirmed they will conduct an investigation.

The Grosse Pointe Park police investigation will continue.

The department did not respond to questions about whether any officers have been suspended because of this matter.