Ferndale police arrest 2, seek 3rd crime spree suspect

Police say men started crime spree with carjacking in Detroit

Tarus Richardson
Tarus Richardson

FERNDALE, Mich. – Ferndale police released surveillance and dashcam video of three men who have had police in three different cities searching. They are still searching for one of them.

Police arrested two of the men they say are shown in the video: 29-year-old Gerald Turner and 18-year-old Jalen Turner. However, the third one, 24-year-old Tarus Richardson, also known as T-Rich, is still on the loose.

The night started with a carjacking in Detroit. That stolen car brought the suspects to an Oak Park neighborhood where they violently robbed an elderly couple. That wasn't enough.

Their next stop was a 7 Eleven store in Ferndale.

"They came in, manhandled the woman who was working as a clerk there, roughed her up. They took quite a while in the store to go through the cash register, go into the back rooms," said Ferndale Police Lt. William Wilson.

It didn't take long for Ferndale police to catch up to them. Dashcam video shows all three men took off on foot after crashing into a light pole back in Detroit.

Police followed them through alleys before two of them were caught. Police are determined to catch the third.

"We've got one out there on the loose and we want to stop him before somebody else gets hurt or killed," said Wilson.


-- Gerald Turner and Jalen Turner