Beaumont Hospital moves to stop car break-ins

GPS systems stolen from cars at Royal Oak hospital

Beaumont Hospital in Royal Oak is taking action to stop a rash of car break-ins in parking structures and lots around the hospital.

ROYAL OAK, Mich. – Beaumont Hospital is taking action to stop a recent rash of car break-ins.

As many as 10,000 cars move through the hospital's lots and parking structures every day. There is lighting for safety, along with security cameras and emergency call boxes. But in the past week, four cars were broken into.  Three cars had windows smashed out in the south deck garage.  One unlocked car was hit in an outside lock.

Police always advise drivers to move valuables out of view when they park, but Lt. Dave Clemens of the Royal Oak police department said these thieves are targeting GPS systems already installed in the cars.

"In these cases, they were in-dash navigation systems. They are actually part of the vehicle itself so you can't remove that and put it in your trunk. It's actually from the factory itself," Clemens said.

Despite the security in place and the patrols of the parking areas at the hospital, Lt. Clemens said thieves can move extremely quickly to steal those GPS systems.

"From what I understand, about 30 seconds. That's it," Clemens said.

Spokesmen for the hospital are assuring staff and visitors that actions are being taken to step up security to prevent these break-ins, but they won't discuss details, so the criminals won't know what they will be up against.

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