Roseville teen tied up during home invasion

Teen calls mother who calls 911 to report home invasion at Roseville home

ROSEVILLE, Mich. – Roseville police showed up at the home quickly but the man was gone.

He had broken into the house using a side screen window and crawled in. The 13-year-old girl likely surprised the burglar who found some rope and tied her up.

That's something the girl neglected to initially tell her mother, Vickie. It came out during the 911 call.

Vickie first got the call from her daughter while she was at work. The teen was at home because she didn't have school.

"She called me screaming and crying and said someone was in the house," said Vickie.

The mother ran out of work and conferenced her daughter in as she dialed 911 on her cellphone. Here are some excerpts from the 911 call:

Vickie to 911: "My daughter's at home and someone just tried breaking into the house and she said they tried grabbing her."

911 dispatch: "What does the guy look like?"

Teen to 911: "I don't know, he had a black ski mask on and he had camouflage pants. My hands are on the chair."

911 dispatch: "OK, her hands are tied up?"

Teen to 911: "Yes."

Vickie has two dogs who became so riled by the activity that police believe they scared away the masked man. Ultimately, the teen ended up with a scratch and frayed nerves.

"They could have done something worse to her. Fortunately nothing seriously bad happened to her," said Vickie.

Huntington Woods police sent their K-9 officer to the house and officers fanned out across the area but could not find the man.

In addition to the camouflage pants, the man was wearing a green or blue jacket. It's not known whether he was on foot or in a vehicle when he arrived and fled.

Roseville police want to hear from anyone who might have helpful information.

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