Triple shooting leaves 2 dead on Detroit's west side

Motive unknown

Triple shooting on Pinehurst
Triple shooting on Pinehurst

DETROIT – Two people are dead and a third injured following a shooting on Detroit's west side. The incident happened late Thursday night.

According to police, group of people were inside playing cards at a house on the 8000 block of Pinehurst when shots were fired into the home.

Two men died at the scene.

A third man, who was reportedly pulling up to the home in his vehicle, was shot in the arm after honking the horn at the shooters.

"At one point I was sitting in the corner with my hands over my head and they were in the same room, I just knew I had to get out," said the homeowner, Donetta. "Everybody was just sitting at the table playing poker and all of a sudden the shooting started and everybody got on the floor. The entire time there was a baby in the front room and there are bullet holes around the chair, by the grace of god the baby didn't get hit."

A motive is unknown.

Police are searching for three people believed to be connected to the triple shooting.