Dozens displaced after apartment fire


DETROIT – Just days before families will come together to give thanks, many at the Providence Tower Apartments are just thankful they are alive.

About a dozen families were displaced due to a fire at the apartments Sunday morning. Those people who have been displaced have been going to their apartments, trying to salvage what they can.

"I'm just grateful that we all came out alive and out of harm's way," said neighbor Loretta Lawler. "Management here is great. They're going to take good care of us."

Firefighters say the fire started with a stove in a seventh floor apartment around 2 a.m. Firefighters from seven departments took several hours to put the blaze out.

Neighbors quickly made their way down smoke-filled hallways and multiple flights of stairs to safety.

Firefighters had to rescue several people from the building who couldn't take the stairs.

Kellye Walker waited on the balcony of her apartment for help.

"It's horrific," said Walker. "I have been up since two o'clock."

Walker's apartment was damaged in the fire. She was preparing for a Thanksgiving feast for her family. Now those plans have been put on hold.

"I planned on having a family dinner," Walker said. "Now I have to find me a place to stay."

Officials say nobody was injured in the fire.

The Red Cross is assisting the families who were forced out of their apartments.